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10 Best Blogs About Mountain Biking 2018

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haven’t any text to check? haven’t any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.There ar plenty of all-terrain bike blogs on the web recently, and if you’re an everyday web log seeker, you’ll have in all probability encountered a number of these blogs already. As a mountain biking blogger, i’m perpetually on the lookout for brand spanking new blogs concerning mountain bikes, 10 of that I actually have picked out for you here. This list is by no suggests that complete, as there aren’t any doubt tons of or maybe thousands of mountain rockers out there writing their own blogs. These ar my favourites, at this moment, and that i can doubtless have to be compelled to update this list once a year roughly, as I discover others i prefer. thus here we tend to go, BikeFAT’s list of ten blogs concerning mountain biking, in no specific order: check out the best hybrid bike under 500 dollars in 2018 .


1. Bike198 may be a standard web log created by Robb Sutton, and is maybe the foremost inspiration for You see, not solely has Robb engineered an amazing web log, packed with nice product reviews, stories, photos and videos, beside a lively forum for riders to satisfy and discuss, he’s conjointly terribly active teaching others a way to produce their own undefeated blogs. The saying,”Those World Health Organization will, do, whereas those that can’t, teach!” isn’t true in Robb’s case, as he will thus clearly do each and it’s for this reason that Bike198 goes 1st during this list of best all-terrain bike blogs. 

2. MTB 4 Her was created when one feminine mountain biker grew uninterested in creating by removal through the web to seek out content concerning women’s mountain biking. Written by a gaggle of girls World Health Organization share our passion for the game of mountain biking, MTB4Her offers a refreshing read on the quickest growing, nonetheless most unnoted section of mountain biking. despite the fact that i’m not a member of the feminine gender, I still relish looking for the articles and videos on this web site. After all, what might a man relish seeing over ladies killing it on their mountain bikes?

If you’ve spent any time looking out the online for blogs concerning sport, than i’m certain you’ve seen one web log systematically egression. is one amongst the foremost browse sport blogs on the web. If you haven’t browse it, you should. Eldon, AKA “Fatty”, began his web log to share with U.S.A. his quest to slenderize riding bikes. Besides keeping U.S.A. up along with his weight, and also the rides and races he participates in, he conjointly takes the time to share with U.S.A. his numerous musings on biking and life. Not solely that, however he puts an incredible effort into raising cash for cancer analysis through Fat bicyclist, which provides a new reason to hitch in and support what Eldon is doing on this web site. Fat bicyclist is clownish, wise, fun and entertaining and deserves an area on the list of best blogs amount, not simply blogs concerning sport. Nice work Eldon! 

4. Singletracks may be a web log concerning mountain biking. and with it comes most of the common content varieties as well as photos, videos, news, reviews and alternative articles concerning mountain biking, however what sets this web site except the others is that the intensive cataloging, mapping and listing of singletrack trails within the u. s., North American nation and every one round the world. It’s the most effective place to submit a review of your favorite path, see maps, get directions, or arrange your next all-terrain bike vacation.

drunk bicyclist below the influence podcast image

5. Drunk bicyclist

Looking for a motorbike web log with and edge? i believe this web site may simply work the bill. At, obnoxious, obscene, distrustful and incorrectness cyclists amuse and entertain by reminding U.S.A. of the willfulness that created mountain biking nice. Not for the faint of heart although, as even the commenters on this web site ar somewhat rough round the edges. Woe to you if you can’t stand seeing f-bombs and middle fingers on your pc screen!


6. Fat-Bike

Not to be confused with yours really, is that the on-line place to go to to induce your fill of fat bikes. several of you readers in all probability aren’t exposed to the present sort of bike and elegance of riding, however wherever I sleep in the Canadian chain of mountains, fat bikes ar common sight, particularly throughout that 0.5 a year we tend to decision ‘Winter’. Brrrr! athletics will distract most folks enough to induce through this era with our saneness, (or insanity!) in restraint, except for a number of the important all-terrain bike die-hards around here, solely fat bikes will keep them moving. If you’re in the slightest degree {curious concerning|interested by|interested in|inquisitive about} what i’m talking about, then don’t keep reading this, click the link and explore!

7. Bike29

29’ers are gaining in quality these past few years, with sales matching, and in some regions surpassing those of the once “traditional” twenty six in. wheel. The reason? 29’ers ar quicker, better, um…faster…oh! and did I mention better? I don’t really ride a 29’er, although I actually have tried many of them. they need their smart and unhealthy sides a bit like the rest, however i have to watch out World Health Organization I say this too. You see, there’s a growing brigade of evangelical 29er converts out there World Health Organization swear they’re the most effective things ever, and can shortly create those alternative “puny wheels” obsolete. If you’re one amongst these, then this web site is for you. All 29er, all the time! logo

8. Straight Shot web log

Have you ever checked out a motorbike and wished to understand the story behind its frame design? Or were observance your favorite optical disk of motorcycle erotica and located yourself curious however they ever got that shot? The Straight Shot web log covers all aspects of mountain biking, as well as athletics and events, however at it’s heart is that the dedication to conveyance you nearer to the all-terrain bike industry’s leading inventive minds. We’re talking concerning those World Health Organization build the bikes you ride, the elements that ar on them, the paths you ride them on, and also the ones World Health Organization capture it all, in image and in film.

sterling lorence phto web log exposure

9. Sterling Lorence

As much as I hate to repeat this previous commonplace, i actually can’t facilitate it… an image paints one thousand words! And obscurity is that statement additional true than within the work of Sterling Lorence. If you have got ne’er detected of Sterling Lorence, than I take it that you just haven’t browse terribly several all-terrain bike magazines, or watched several all-terrain bike movies. His work has appeared on the covers and within the pages of additional all-terrain bike magazines than the other lensman illustrious. And permanently reason. His photos create the game of mountain biking change state for the reader and do additional to inspire and tend the flame of desire to ride than the thousands of words written between the covers of our favorite publications. For your dose of daily tend, i like to recommend visiting Sterling Lorence’s exposure web log. Few words. several thoughts. image

10. Lee Likes Bikes

Are you trying to enhance your game? or even you would like to find out a way to build trails ok for the pros? Then explore, the official web site of Lee McCormack. Who, you ask, is Lee McCormack? Lee may be a skilled all-terrain bike trainer, path and pump track designer, and writer. He has created a number of his own distinctive instruction programs that facilitate improve any rider’s enjoyment of the game and his web site may be a literal fountain of riding data. No product reviews or business packaging, simply content that may cause you to a much better all-terrain bike rider. guests can even purchase a number of Lee’s books, as well as the one he wrote with the assistance of Brian Lopes entitled: Mastering all-terrain bike Skills. a requirement browse for any level of rider.

These ar ten blogs concerning mountain biking that i believe you ought to explore. The term “best” is to be taken as which means my very own personal favourites at now. If your web log isn’t listed here, please don’t take it personally! I in all probability don’t even understand it, thus please leave a link for it within the comments. i’m continuously excited to get new all-terrain bike content on-line.

You’ll notice that I’ve unseen a number of the foremost standard bike websites, and permanently reason. I’m certain all the mountain rockers out there World Health Organization ar reading this already understand the massive sites like Pink Bike, Vital MTB, Sick Lines, NSMB, Bike Radar, MTBR, Bike Rumor and also the like. If you haven’t detected of a number of those, then you ought to check them out too.


Best hybrid bikes under 500

Best hybrid bikes under 500

Best hybrid bikes under 500

Best hybrid bikes under 500

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