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Best pocket knife under 30 chinesewheelbarrow 2018

The world of EDC knives has become top-heavy as time has gone on, with many of the best quality blades costing as much as heirloom pieces, even though in the world of EDC, knives are meant to be battered, beaten, and often lost. Conversely, cheaper options tend to be so disposable that they lack sufficient quality to survive true constant utilization. The result is a wide and deep market that often doesn’t have what the budget shopper wants at a price they can afford. It’s frustrating and costly to err in either direction, which is why we’re trying to save you time and money.

In our quest to provide you with the best gear for everyday carry, we’ve tried to look at knives from every price bracket on the spectrum. We know that you can’t throw away most of your paycheck on a single knife, but you also need something that can come out of your pocket cleanly, rides comfortably, and can open day after day after sleepless night without a fuss to do the job you need. To that end, we’ve found the 8 best pocket knife under 50 dollarsOpinel No. 8


Pro: Collared lock prevents accidental closures
Con: Metal will rust if not maintained

Old and New: The cheaper cost of the No. 8 compared with the other items on our list isn’t because Opinel doesn’t know knives, they truly do. Rather than just making an inferior knife with a tiny price, they made a great knife that just lacks a few of the snazzy features that have become common in the industry. With a nice carbon steel build, this doesn’t nick or break easily, and can hold an edge for ages without dulling down. Add in the beechwood handle, and you won’t even care that it uses a locking collar and doesn’t have any useless thumb studs.Ontario RAT

Pro: Will not develop hot spots during extended use
Con: Pivot requires some time to loosen

True Bargain: The RAT series of knives is one of the best you can carry around with you, particularly if you’re a mid to large game hunter that needs a simple blade that can do cleaning work without running up a huge bill at your sporting goods store. It’s a knife that should be closer to the $50 or $80 mark, but partly because of the good-not-great AUS-8 steel and the inexpensive handle, it’s well within our price range. There’s no frills or features, just a solid blade in a passable handle that can go anywhere and never disappoint.

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