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What is a good battery for a golf cart?

Battery last longer now than before, but you’re only going to get the most out of it if you get the highest quality product available. That’s what this guide is all about: here you will learn what the best, longest lasting batteries are, and we’ll also offer tips for buyers like you and also information on how to extend battery life.

Best golf cart batteries :

6 Trojan T-875 8V Golf Cart Batteries

The T-875 8 Volt Trojan golf cart batteries are built for superior performance and through having the T-875 battery in your golf cart, users can stay rest assured that your golf cart can allow you pass through every game every time. The T-875 8 Volt Trojan batteries for golf cart are designed especially to congregate the strongest challenges a golf course could really bring.

Key Specs Of Trojan 8v Golf Cart Batteries

  • E4800 battery.
  • Dimensions inches (mm): Length: 10.21 (259), Width: 7.06 (179) and Height:11.14 (283).
  • Flooded or wet lead-acid battery.
  • Master-vent top.
  • Embedded high profile terminals
  • Capacity Minutes: 295 @ 25 Amps and 117 @ 56 Amps
  • Comes with an 18 months warranty.
  • Pros

If users are working on a shoestring then, this might make really make a difference to get your electric car on the road or leaving it, almost complete, jumbling up the garage and exasperating the spouse. Nobody needs that! The standard car-load of T-875 8V Trojan golf cart batteries weighs just about 1000-1200 pounds. If you are endeavouring to enhance your weight limit previously then, this product has to be considered.
The exceptional collaboration of Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard® advanced design separator and the Alpha Plus® paste formulation augments the T-875 8 Volt Trojan golf cart battery’s life, boost functioning time and reduce maintenance.
The immense proportion of sturdiness, consistency and proven technology it comes with, helps the users to absolutely rely on this product for steady and superior performance 24×7.

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